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Little Red

The Fortnite Boudoir

A Whole Lot of Red

Since the beginning of time a Wolf needs to be attracted to his Red. So for the first released boudoir blog it better be Little Red Riding Hood to be the birthmother to a whole series of cosplays.

Vivacious V and I teamed up to bring you the most geeky, vicious and sexy version of Little Red you have ever seen. Oh yeah, did I tell you there were guns involved and the Wolf did survive?

Geert Pieters


No animals or humans were harmed during the creation of these pictures.


A Little Red Fortnite Story Before Bedtime

Red Riding Hood as a character might simply be another face on the battlefield in Fortnite but she still fights for that Victory Royale daily and she would undoubtedly be dirty and worn out after all of that battle. Let’s go on an adventure and see how that might unfold, shall we?

Written and directed by Vivacious V

Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good. 

She emerged from the tree line, checking her surroundings once more before sprinting across the field toward a shack all alone in the woods on the island. Experience had taught her an enemy could be lurking around every corner, she kept this in mind as she entered carefully, looking around to see if she could spot a trap. She let out a sigh of relief as she found the cabin to not only be empty, but untouched by the conflict which seemed to rage endlessly here.

“Finally, a moment to rest.” She thought to herself. She felt her eyes become heavy but before she could even think about resting she knew she needed to take a look at her weapons and the harsh reality was the battle was not even close to being over. Standing up for a moment, she was happy she had decided to take care of this tedious task first but she began to feel the fatigue set in. She looked around the cabin and saw no place for her to lay so she leaned up against the table in the dining area then let herself slowly lay down onto it. The only time she had ever known anything like restful sleep was right beside her weapons.

The sound of a plane soaring overhead woke her abruptly as she jumped up from the table. “Damn planes.” she hissed to herself as she walked towards the window. Luckily the plane didn’t seem to plan on stopping and made its way further to the south. The skies were still clear, no sign of the storm yet. She hoped this meant she still had time to clean up a bit. Washing up seemed like a waste of time but she couldn’t help but want to at the very least wash away the blood and dirt she had on her.

Soaked in Red

Moving slowly, she carried her weapon with her she made her way up the stairs, the wood creaking underneath her every step. Finally, she saw a door straight ahead of her, she pushed it open as she aimed her rifle, checking the room. To her surprise she saw what seemed like a rather inviting bathroom! Without even so much as a thought, she kicked off her shoes and stepped into the bath. The water rinsed off what it could as she basked in its warmth. It had been a long time she had gotten herself truly clean.

As she looked around the bathroom she spotted a shower.
“No way…” She whispered, her body craving the warmth of the water. She removed her feet from the warmth of the bath, which now had traces of dirt and blood. She slowly undressed herself as she got ready for the shower. She turned the water on and watched as it poured from the faucet. She saw the steam rise and felt the warmth before stepping in. For a short moment the battle around her disappeared from her mind, completely overshadowed by the warm water running down her  body.

She stepped from the shower now and began dressing slowly. She decided to take her time, she knew it could very well be a long time before this chance arose again.

Clean and refreshed in a way she hadn’t been as long as she could remember, she shouldered her weapons. She looked in her backpack for the assortment of small blue bottles. She never had liked the taste but she knew the potion was vital to her survival. With one gulp the potion was gone and she saw a faint blue glow for a short second. Inhaling deeply she looked around the cabin one more time. The island demanded blood and as always, blood she would give it. She walked from the house with a smile few had ever seen cross her face, she felt the Victory Royale at her fingertips as she emerged from the forest at long last! She reached into her bag and pulled out a purple globe. With a quick shake the felt herself be transported into the air far overhead, she pulled out her glider and flew off toward the battle, the ominous purple of the storm closing in quickly.

– The End